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$699.00 Water Heater installation call now!!! Please call for availability. The price of $699.00 does not include additional parts needed and is only good for standard 50 electric water heaters.

Repiping of Plumbing

What is Repiping?

When you're repiping a home or building, this involves replacing the entire indoor hot and cold water distribution system, including branch lines and main lines.  If the plumber does a good job then he will include all cut off valves (fixtures and main) and supply tubes.  

If you're considering a bathroom remodel then this would be a good time to replace old fixtures and valves as they'll already be disconnected for the repiping job.  In some instances the main water outside that feeds water to your home may need to be replaced as well. 


Should I Repipe my Home?

If you're experiencing any of these signs it may be time to repipe your home:

 1. Poor water volume or pressure
 2. Red rusty looking water
 3. Leaking or corroded pipes

Call the experts at All About Plumbing Service & Repair and let us do an analysis to see if repiping is your best option. 

Contact Us for all your repiping needs. 

Water Heater Repair Water Heater Replacement
Sewer Line Replacement Drain Cleaning
Garbage Disposal Install Leak Detection & Repair
Toilet Repair/Replace Faucet Repair/Replace
Bathroom Renovation Repiping
Sump Pump Install/Repair

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